About Bounce Back

Hangover Recovery

Look, we’ve all been there. That long-anticipated wedding. The first big win. Your milestone birthday. Their retirement. Your best friend's promotion.

No matter the special occasion, sometimes even the most health-conscious of us have a bit more than planned.

That’s exactly why the team at Bounce Back spent two years formulating our proprietary hangover recovery formula.

Designed to help you feel better and bounce back, our world-first formulation helps reduce the symptoms associated with a hangover, including: nausea, headache and dehydration.

The ingredients we use have been carefully selected for their benefits.


The taste?

Delicious pineapple flavour with no nasty aftertaste!

when to take

When to take Bounce Back?

Before and after drinking alcohol.

how to take it

How to take it?

Super easy to mix. Just add 250mL of water!



Formulated, packed and made right here in Australia.

Why Bounce Back?

You care about your health. And just because you had a little bit too much doesn’t mean you want to waste the day after drinking!

So, we’ve taken ingredients with qualitative and quantitative evidence to aid in the recovery process, and formulated a hangover recovery that tastes delicious, is free from additives, works wonders and helps you carpe diem after that big night out!